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Nim the Cleaner

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Masked wizard wielding a broom. Who even is this guy?

Unlocked by acquiring Nim's Enchanted Broom and completing sidequest: "Vandalism at the Academy"

Few things are worth pursuing – but a complete spellbook is one of them.
~ Nim

Favourite spell: Steam Beam

Not only vaporizes enemies, the steam also removes grease stains from the dining hall flagstones.

A less-fortunate student at the Astral Academy, Nim finances the Academy fees by working as a cleaner before and after classes.

The mysteriously masked caretaker is a taciturn mystery who prefers short conversations and solitude.

Nim is eager to collect the Nine Parchments, for a completed spellbook means a swift end to a life of servitude at the Astral Academy.

Developer Description[1]

Variants: Nim the Cleaner, Boreal Nim, November Nim, Gilded Nim

Nim is voiced by William Ash.

Starting Spells[edit | edit source]

Nim the Cleaner:[edit | edit source]

Boreal Nim:[edit | edit source]

November Nim:[edit | edit source]

Gilded Nim:[edit | edit source]

Nim's Staves[edit | edit source]

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