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  1. Hit enemies with magic. Do not hit friends.
  2. Hit enemies with elements they are weak to, or at least elements they aren't immune to.
    • Fire enemies are weak to ice attacks.
    • Ice enemies are weak to fire attacks.
    • Life enemies are weak to death attacks.
    • Death enemies are weak to life attacks.
    • Lightning enemies are weak to steam attacks.
    • Steam enemies are weak to lightning attacks.
  3. Kite! Many enemies can only hurt you if they get close to you. Don't let them.
    • Some spells do more damage the farther they travel. Be sure to use your spells at their optimal range.
    • Blinking (teleporting a short distance) can give you some room to breathe or let you escape when cornered.
    • Jump! Many attacks can be dodged by jumping. Jumping will increase your life expectancy dramatically.