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Cornelius Crownsteed[edit | edit source]

Cornelius Crownsteed.png
“Nobody will laugh when I collect my Nine Parchments!”

– Cornelius of the noble house of Crownsteed

Favourite spell: Small Fireball

They may be small, but they still count as fireballs!

A group of would-be wizards are studying in the hallowed halls of the Astral Academy, each eager to complete their spellbooks with nine spell parchments. When an unfortunate incident takes place in the Academy Library, the students have an opportune moment to skip tedious classes and graduate much faster than they could have hoped for.

One of these initiative-taking students is young lord Crownsteed, who is hoping to learn great magic in order to impress his family. He has not done such a good job of impressing anyone so far however, having drawn the ire — rather than the admiration — of his fellow students. Could it be that introducing oneself with an aristocratic title isn’t always a good idea?

Cornelius hopes that besides being able to fulfill the expectations of his noble family, that this adventure will help him stand up for himself and maybe even make new friends.

Variants: Cornelius Crownsteed, Cornelius Cornflower, Cornelius the Forester, Gilded Cornelius

Gislan of Alcyon[edit | edit source]

Gislan of Alcyon.png

“By the groves of Alcyon, we will find those Parchments!”

– Gislan of Alcyon

Favourite spell: Poison Flower

There is something satisfying about planting flowers, and Gislan does not discriminate when it comes to what kind of flowers are in question.

Gislan is the youngest member of a coven of verdant witches. She hails from Alcyon, the sacred island of trees, and was sent to the Astral Academy as part of an exchange program – the witches share their knowledge of the verdant healing arts with one of the wizards in exchange for the wisdom imparted upon Gislan at the Academy.

Gislan's journey in the wizarding world so far has left her cynical and homesick, but she cannot leave the Astral Academy before completing her spellbook. However, something strange has just happened in the Academy Library — there might be an opportunity to Seize the Moment, and Gislan might return home sooner than she’d anticipated…

Variants: Gislan of Alcyon, The Exchange Student, The Autumn Witch, Gilded Gislan

Marvek the Torrid[edit | edit source]

Marvek the Torrid.png
Older wizard specializing in fire magic.

Favored Staff: Marvek's Kindling Staff

Unlocked by acquiring Marvek's Kindling Staff and completing sidequest: "The Trial of Fire"

Variants: Marvek the Torrid, The Searing Senior, The Emberlighter, Gilded Marvek

Carabel the Glacial[edit | edit source]

Carabel the Glacial.png
Wizard specializing in ice magic.

Favored Staff: Carabel's Icicle

Unlocked by acquiring Carabel's Icicle and completing sidequest: "The Trial of Ice"

Variants: Carabel the Glacial, Carabel the Rimy, Carabel the Eventide, Gilded Carabel

Rudolfus the Strange[edit | edit source]

Rudolfus the Strange.png
Anthropoid cat wizard specializing in death magic.

Variants: Rudolfus the Strange, The Feline Warlock, Rudolfus the Moonstruck, Gilded Rudolfus

The Mechanical Owl[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Owl.png
Anthropoid clockwork owl wizard specializing in lightning magic.

Variants: The Mechanical Owl, The Copper Owl, The Wolfram Owl, Gilded Owl

Nim the Cleaner[edit | edit source]

Nim the Cleaner.png
Masked wizard wielding a broom. Who even is this guy?

Variants: Nim the Cleaner, Boreal Nim, November Nim, Gilded Nim

Amadeus the Wizard[edit | edit source]

Amadeus icon.png
Amadeus is a wizard and hero known from the Trine series.

Variants: Amadeus the Wizard, Amadeus the Box Magician, Amadeus the Hero, Gilded Amadeus

Selius Heatherwood[edit | edit source]

Variants: Selius Heatherwood, The Pensive Prince, The Third Son, Selius's Shadow

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